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What is The Flourish Conference?
The Flourish Conference is a gathering place for women who believe that new life is just around the corner, not because life is easy, but God is able. 

We all have times when we wander off the path, become stuck in the mud, or lose sight of the target.

At The Flourish Conference we will share real stories of real life with honesty and humor, always pointing to the promises found in God’s Word. 

And one of the best parts about it? The Flourish Conference is FREE.
Sneak peak of one of our interviews
The Flourish Conference Speakers
You're in for a treat as we find new life with stunning Jesus-seekers who have created tools and resources to grow your faith, your family, and your life.

Lara Casey
How Writing the Word can Transform your Life

Hi, y’all! I’m Lara. I’m a mom to three–one through the gift of adoption, a grateful wife, and a believer in the impossible (we have quite the story!). If we were having tea together right now, you’d find out quickly that I’m passionate about helping people get unstuck, unrushed, and living on purpose instead of by accident. To help with those things, I created the PowerSheets™ grace-filled goal setting planner, and the Write the Word™ journals.

JoDitt Williams
Delighting in the Word of God

I have always loved making things that are cute, sweet, charming, girly, frilly, colorful and cheerful. And now I am combining that with my passion for art, graphic design, and The Word. (because Jesus IS The Word!) It is my desire to cultivate DELIGHT in God’s Word and help women fall in love with The Word (Jesus) because it has made such a huge difference in my life.

Caroline Allen
The Well-Ordered Kitchen

I am my sweetheart's wife and mama to six children age 13 and under. When I'm not homeschooling, cooking meals, changing diapers, or doing yet another load of laundry, you will find me here as I share my heart concerning modesty, femininity, and mothering. Or you might find me at our modest clothing business, Deborah & Co.

Sarah Frazer
How to Study God's Word in your Everyday Ordinary Life

Hi! I’m Sarah. I am a wife to an amazing man. As a mom of four children, I spend my days answering silly and serious questions, making peanut butter and jelly, and reheating my coffee thirty times a day.  One of my passions, other than playing classical music on the piano and watching Cary Grant movies, is God’s Word. I want to encourage women to abide in Scripture. As we live for Jesus, we can find strength and grace when we rest in Him. Rest comes through prayer and Bible study. 

Sharon Hines
Creating Success at Home

Hey! I’m Mrs. Hines a.k.a. Sharon. I’m a wife, a mother to one and a teacher, and I believe our homes are truly holy ground, that creating a home is a high calling and what happens inside those four walls matters…it matters a lot.
As C.S. Lewis put it, “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only–and that is to support the ultimate career.”

Marie Osborne
Discovering Real Joy Right Now

Marie is a wife, mama, and writer who loves Jesus and large, non-fat lattes. When I’m not laughing (loudly) with my husband, chatting (loudly) with my girlfriends, singing (loudly) with my son, or being attacked by playing with my twin girls, I’m probably binge watching Netflix during nap time. I’m an open book and share often from my struggles and personal experiences, so you will always know that you are not alone.

Laura Krokos
Finding God's Calling for your Life

Laura is married and has six kids, two of whom are adopted. Laura and her husband have been missionaries to college students for 14 years serving with Master Plan Ministries where she serves as the Women's Development Coordinator. She has discipled over 200 women and girls, led over 40 Bible studies and speaks to college and women's groups.

Arabah Joy
Praying the Promises of the Cross

I am wife to Jackson and adoptive and bio mom to four precious kids.  I’m also a missionary and have lived in Asia for the past thirteen years. I have a passion to make Jesus known and help others bask in His glory. I help women grow in intimacy with God so they live lives of purpose, joy, and passion, and leave a legacy of faith and strength for others to follow.

Jessi Fearon
Flourishing in your Finances

I'm crazy about personal finance. After failing with money in my early adult life, I set out to conquer my money and to stop letting it control me. My goal is to use the natural gifts that God has given me to coach others to do the same. I want to encourage others to live life by a budget and to make managing their money a priority in their lives and the best way to do that is to showcase our little family’s life on a budget.

Jennifer Thorson
Teaching our Kids Self-Control over their Words

I’m Jenn! I am a daughter of Jesus, a wife to a wonderful husband and mom to three sweet kids. We live in what some affectionately call “The Northern Plains”, where my husband serves two churches. God created us for good reason and so I want to live each day with that in mind! You may notice my tagline is “living with purpose, walking by grace, one day at a time”. The grace of God is the only thing that gets us through life and is what enables us to live intentionally during each day that is put in front of us. 

Meet Your Hosts

We're Mindy and Jenny, two chocolate lovers whose favorite hobby is to lavish our friends with encouragement. Sharing our God stories with you is our passion, even more blissful than a pedicure — truly! We created Flourish as a gathering place for women to be encouraged, equipped and genuinely connected with one 
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